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Rudall, Rose, Carte & Co. Flute , c. 1868

Rudall, Rose, Carte & Co. Flute, c. 1867-1871

Rudall, Rose, Carte & Co. Flute, c. 1868, made in London, solid silver, black original hard shell case.

An 1867 system silver flute made and stamped "Rudall, Rose, Carte & Co.; 20 Charing Cross; London; 1867 Patent". It is also stamped "C.M.A." which dates the instrument to the final months of 1868. Has a barrel embouchure chased with floral borders.

According to "The Flute" by Ardal Powell, "Richard Carte, 1808-91, joined the London firm of Rudall & Rose in 1852, and devised a succession of modified Boehm-system cylinder flutes: Carte's 1867 model, became the second most widely used flute in England and the British Empire until well after the Second World War. It was made in both wood and metal, with open G# and open D, and could be played with either old-system or Boehm system fingerings. Adam Carse, who wrote at the time when some British flutists still played Carte's 1867 flute, called it the 'only important and lasting modification of Boehm's flute.'"
Overall Length is 25 7/8 in. (65.7 cm.), 3/4 in. (1.9 cm.) diameter of head joint, and .491 in. (1.2 cm.) diameter of embouchure. Sounding length is 23 1/2 in. (597 mm.).

Historically intact but in need of general overhaul and repadding. Excellent Condition.

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